Furnace cleaned and maintenance of fireplace

David Miller was great. While cleaning the furnace, he found a potential problem with the bearings. He recognized the problem and gave me an estimate on future work needed. David did not push me to buy, but will in the near future. He took the entire fireplace apart and found a replacement in his truck. David did an excellent job and he was very courteous.

Gas fireplace fan.

They did a great job. The only thing was they didn’t contact us back within the time they mentioned. They had to get us a part and said they would call back in a week. We called them back in 2 weeks and they said they would call us back within a week (which they did). Everything else they fixed was done just right.

We had them install a Lennox AC unit.

The first install was terrible. Tons of back pressure so th unit was extremely loud, installed the filter backwards(then realized it so they cut off the sheet metal rails to slide the electronic cleaners elements in hoping that would work), ran the lines in the wrong way and nothing was sealed. They came reinstalled everything but wired the fan on permanently and siliconed the entire AC access panel in place so unit can’t be serviced. When I asked their technician to fix p, on a subsequent service call he said he wouldn’t.

Our furnace was leaking internally because of faulty installation by another company, Brennan, years ago. (A company which I contacted multiple times to come and look at it, but would never call me back.)

Though the initial tech misdiagnosed the problem, when we pushed for further answers, the owner himself came out to check. Once the problem was properly diagnosed, he worked tirelessly with the furnace manufacturer and when it was all said and done we received a new, top-of-the-line furnace at no cost! I can’t say enough about what a great company Airpros is.

Provided and installed A/C

Great, super easy

Needed more over air vents added to basement remodel space.

Workmanship is high and quick, but attitude by one of the workers was unprofessional. The supervisor was very nice and easy to communicate with.

Heat and A/C tune-up. Fix improperly-installed (by me) thermostat.

Appointment was setup up quickly. Service provided two days after contact. David showed up promptly and was very courteous and professional. He discovered and resolved a significant problem with my HVAC system which was costing my hundreds of extra dollars a month on my energy bill. Also fixed the installation of my thermostat. I was very please with Airpro’s service.

Whole-house air conditioner installation.

The estimate and install went smoothly. Quote was very reasonable. After the install, we found that we couldn’t get the heat back on. They came back and were able to trace the problem to the thermostat and gave us a new one. Am still giving them an A rating because of their responsiveness and how the install went.

Upgraded to a 96% UFAE gas furnace.

We initially had difficulty getting in contact with Air Pros, which is why they only got a B for responsiveness. Once we established contact, a planner came out and gave us detailed information on the system we wanted. They installed the furnace on time and very professionally. They also upgraded our air filtration system and thermostat. We are very satisfied with the work that Air Pros did. We would definitely use them again if we need the services or equipment they provide.

We had the igniter replaced.

Went well but we have to get a new furnace this summer.

I have used Airpros Energy.

They were fine.

furnace needed a inducer motor and full service to sell home

did not need blower motor that other company requested saved a lot of mone

They came out and did a furnace tune up.

They suggested other work to be done. However, I never addressed it due to the issue fixing itself.

The tech that came to do the work was very unprofessional, he pulled out his phone to check something and had porn saved as his screen saver.

Heat pump installation Furnace Replacement PureAir Air Purification System Installation

I solicited bids from three competitors, all from Angie’s List. I ended up going with Mark from Airpros because he came across as genuine, his price was slightly lower, he, the owner came out and did the bid, and Airpros is a small, local business. The only downside to going with Airpros, at the time, was the wait. I had to wait 2 weeks before he had an open date. The installation crew was friendly and had minimal impact on my day. I stayed home and worked from home that day just in case they needed me. Outside of occasional use of the bathroom I wouldn’t have known they were here. They arrived before the scheduled appointment time and finished about 9 hours later. By the end of the day I was experiencing a climate-controlled home.

Furnace tuneup

Work was complete

Airpro installed a new furnace for us.

Mark and his crew were fantastic. Professional, friendly, clean, reliable, and reasonably priced. They even tracked down gas leaks that had resulted from other people’s work (water heater) and fixed those for free. We could not be happier with Airpro’s service.

New Lennox gas furnace and Lennox A/C unit. Also, a new gas line was run from to our living room and a gas fireplace log installed.

Crew showed up on time and worked hard for two full days. Airpros Energy made the project stress free and displayed a high level of competence from the initial bid to the final finishing touches with the gas log. There are many HVAC companies to choose from, however, we would recommend Airpros based on our favorable experience.

Installed an AC unit and new furnace.

Mark and his team were great! Very professional, prompt, and courteous. Mark came out to give us an estimate on a new AC unit for our new home and answered all our questions very thoroughly. We ended up getting a new furnace as well as the AC and his team showed up on time, worked efficiently, and were professional and knowledgeable. We will definitely call them in the future for any repairs or further services we need.

Installed a new heating unit. Took out the old one. Installed a new thermostat.

Went well so far. Initial interaction was cool. Installation went faster than I thought. Guys were friendly and seemed efficient. I haven’t had to use it through a winter yet but it seemed good to go. Will update if this changes.

Installed central air

The installers showed up on time and got right to work. We talked about a few specifics — such as where to put the outside unit — and they were completely flexible and accommodating. I was told they’d probably finish around 3:30 and it appeared they would finish early. They ran into a bit of a wrinkle they couldn’t resolve…I mention this because I really appreciate the courtesy they showed in the way they handled it. After double-checking all their work, they arranged for their electrician to come over later in the afternoon. They handed me my payment back and said I could return the check when the job was done. The electrician showed up later as scheduled and found a manufacturer error in no time. The unit was up and running, and I gave him the check back.

The AC has been working just as promised. Again, a very nice group of professionals who did their jobs and didn’t create any issues or a mess. I have pretty high standards and AirPros met them all. I would call them again and recommend them without hesitation.

One more thing…in getting several bids, AirPros stood out for telling me what I needed without a lot of upsell pressure. I feel like I got sound, common sense advice compared to a couple others who gave dizzying arrays of SEER figures and this size versus that size. I wasn’t looking for complicated — just a good deal on a reliable name brand. A week in, that’s just what I think we got.

Installed a 5 ton HVAC to our home

Mark gave me a bid over the phone as I had a lot of the specifics for him and sent him some photos. He then came out to make sure we could keep the bid and he was able to. He was very responsive and punctual. He scheduled me for a bout a week or so out which was great as it was heating up in Seattle and I know he is busy! I was out of town when he and his crew came to install but my parents were here to supervise and they said everything went great and the guys did a great job! Supposed to be over 90 degrees next weekend so glad we got this done! Thanks Mark!

Installed 3 ton a/c, also replaced 15 year old heater.

Install was all with lennox line products, it looks great and it’s much quieter than the old furnace. They did it all in one day and it came out looking awesome. I will definitely be calling them for any future hvac work. Not much else to say other than they did a great job for a great price.

Installed a new 80% gas furnace and thermostat.

Great. They were very easy to work with and very professional.

We used AirPros. They took the old furnace out and put the new furnace in.

We got them on Angie’s List. They did a good job. We got several bids, and we had several possibilities of different brands and different models of things that we were possibly going to use, and this guy was a small company which we like to deal with, and he had also been in the business for quite a long time, he had his own company. He gave us a bid, and his bid was a low bid, but we also liked the talk that he gave us, and he seemed to be very knowledgeable, so we agreed after several days when we called him and told him that he got the job. We scheduled a day which was not very long after that, and they came out in the morning, and got it ready to go by early afternoon. 2 guys were on the crew. The heating works great, we are happy with it.

Installed Central Air Conditioning in our 2300 square foot home.

Mark was very professional and candid about what they were able to do for us. After a few messages back and forth via Angie’s list, we scheduled some time to come out and take a look. He was upfront and honest about we’d be getting and offered some additional options and upgrades. There was no pressure and I felt great about the person who was going to install our new central A/C.
5 days later, his team was here at 8:30 am and ready to rock n roll. The thermostat that was initially talked about didn’t meet our desires/standards and they re-installed our original thermostat without any questions asked.
The overall experience has been positive. Although it is March and won’t experience hot weather for awhile, I feel pretty confident in recommending Mark and Air Pro Energy’s. He’s an honest guy.

Brand new Air Conditioner and Installation

Mark (owner) and team were fantastic from start to finish. I’d priced out new units and installation for months. Once I decided to final move forward in March 2015 on the Lennox line (aka. “the Cadillac of AC’s) Mark ended up hooking me up with a 3 Ton unit and hands down beat every other bidder by serveral thousand dollars when everything was said and done. Not only was the price great but Mark went out of his way to customize a few things in my home to make the overall air flow more optimized. I think it literally only took them 6 hours total time (start to finish) to get my unit installed.

I have no doubt any future business related to my AC will go Air Pros way.

install a new furnace

Perfect. Prompt, efficient, professional.

Cleaned furnace.

Excellent. They were awesome. Everything looked good outside.

AirPros performed general maintenance on my gas furnace. The technician Richie cleaned the burners, sensors, pilot port, motors, filters, and cabinet. He tested the voltage, amperage, gas pressure and temperature rise. When all general maintenance was complete, he then test cycled the system to ensure that all was running properly.

Everything went very well. I was not having any problems with my furnace, so this was just a regular “tune-up” call, if you will. I had made arrangements for Richie to come while I was at work and no one was home. I don’t normally do this, but since the company is insured and bonded, I thought I’d take the gamble. I arrived home just as Richie was finishing the final tests on the system. He took the time to review the work he had done and informed me that I could save money if I had both the furnace and my gas operated fireplace maintenance performed at the same time. Richie was very professional and knowledgeable and I plan to call on him again to have him do just that.

I had my furnace serviced by AirPros. They did general servicing and inspection.

The technician was very helpful and friendly. He seemed to really know what he was doing. He got everything taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Cleaned and serviced multiple furnaces, air-conditioners, and gas fireplaces. Installed new furnace in one home.

My family has used Airpro?s Energy since 2011 for our heating and air-conditioning needs. They provide excellent communication to ensure the customer isn?t waiting for the technician to arrive. Clean, professional, and willing to go the extra mile. One of the technicians drove to Mercer Island to confirm the pilot light was on because my parents thought they smelled gas. The light was on, but it put their minds at ease knowing it had been checked. My father offered to pay, and the technician declined and thanked him for his past business.

We have used AirPros Energy twice: 2/27/2013 = replaced bad ignition control circuit board and noticed that blower motor was slow (a sign of wear) 10/14/2014 = replaced old gas furnace

12/27/2013 = before Christmas we were having problems with the furnace coming on. We called a few furnace repair businesses and AirPros was the one which could come out soonest. Our son-in-law is an electrician and diagnosed the problem as a bad circuit board. When AirPros came out they made the same diagnosis (which indicated to me they know what they are doing) and replaced the ignition control board. The technician also said the blower motor was slow at startup, which is a sign of wear (the furnace and air conditioning units were 19 years old). It was now working so we didn’t do any further maintenance.
10/14/2014 = the thermostat would click on and off, on and off, etc. without letting the furnace stay on. We called AirPros again, thinking maybe the thermostat needed to be replaced. Instead, a second circuit board was bad but because the furnace was so old we chose to replace it, which included a new thermostat. The installation took about half a day and we were very impressed by the quality of work, their knowlege and professionalism. They were very patient and answered all our questions.
They determined the air conditioning unit was still functioning ok and not in need of replacement.

Installed new heat duct runs in basement (remodel), new gas line stubbed to kitchen upstairs, whole house vent, etc.

By his own admission, Mark is “flighty” but DON’T let that turn you off! He and his crew could not score higher marks from me. Truly. Mark is very amiable and SO EASY to work with. It’s so refreshing to work with a contractor who will make adjustments here or there and not gripe about it or charge you an extra buck on something that takes him or his crew a second to do. They were very responsive when it came to ducts that needed to be pushed up above the ceiling joists so that the drywall could lay flat. They closed off a gas line while they were there. They worked diligently with us when the city inspector called out the need for a whole house vent system and used some nice creativity to keep the exterior duct vent away from the front of the house (which would have been unsightly).
All in all, Mark was very nice to work with. His crew showed up on time, worked like happy dwarves (without the whistling) and went above and beyond to make sure that if I had any concerns or adjustments, to tend to them without any push back or nickel and diming. It’s ironic that everyone scores their contractors with an “A” on price (in theory, not everyone can be an ‘A’) but it’s true in this case. They were competitive, if not the cheapest bid we received. And they did what they said they would – and more!
I can’t recommend them more. More so than any other contractor out there (whether HVAC or otherwise) in my vast work in real estate, I would unhesitatingly refer you to AirPros. I’ll use them in the future and refer them to my clients who have need for HVAC work.

Moved the head for our heat pump to a new location which also involved laying new lines going through our ceiling so there would be no visible lines on the outside of the house.

All around a great experience. Mark, the owner, was able to get out to give us an estimate with in 24 hours and able to schedule to work for the following week (about 5 days later) since it was a small job. The other companies I spoke to couldn’t even come give an estimate until the following week and were at least 1 1/2 weeks out for work time, most were more like 2-3 weeks out. Since we were in the middle of a remodel time was of essence. Mark was very friendly and knowledgeable and got the estimate to me within hours of being here. The crew that came to do the work was great. They were very professional, friendly, took extra efforts to protect our newly finished floors, and did a great job. The only snag was that they had to do come back on a different day to complete the project, but it was do to an unforeseen complication due to the construction of our house which our general contractor needed to come address. AirPros Energy was great, the price was reasonable, and I would use them again, and have already gotten estimates to potentially have them install another heat pump in the coming months.

Installed a new Lennox furnace and a AO Smith gas hot water heater

Mark the owner was very responsive to my request for an estimate. The existing furnace was on it’s last legs so when it quit working I knew it was time for a replacement. I received a total of four estimates and Airpros was the lowest priced. I was only considering Lennox and Carrier products. Olympic Mechanical was a close second in price and neither Olympic or Airpros tried to up sell me on unnecessary thermostats or air filter systems. The bids from two larger heating contractors were a $1200-$1700 more, so it pays to shop for HVAC equipment. I actually saved enough on the furnace that I was able to replace my twelve year old hot water heater and still save money over the amount I had budgeted. Installation was done within a couple of days of signing the contract.

Install heat pump/AC unit to work with existing furnace.

The entire experience was great. The price was about $1200 less than other quotes I recieved from larger outfits. Mark was very knowledgeable and wasn’t pushy at all. Other guys who I recieved quotes from (Bob’s Heating and MM Comfort Systems) both tried to upsell me on a new furnace that was only 7 years old but Mark suggested not doing that since the current furnace had plenty of life left.
The work was completed in 1 day and everything was installed to my expectations. They cleaned everything up and I haven’t had any problems with the system since. I would highly recommend this company.

I used AirPros Energy for our furnace repair.

They were really awesome! They came and fixed our furnace. Their pricing seemed good.

AirPros gave us excellent service.

AirPros gave us excellent service. Mark came out to look at our 38 year old electric furnace that had stopped running and to give us a quote for a new furnace. Mark was able to get our old furnace running again and gave us an estimate for a new furnace and heat pump. Mark took the time to explain everything thoroughly and e-mailed us his estimate a few hours later.
AirPros were on time and knowledgeable. My husband and I were impressed with the highly competent manner in which the guys got the job done. We are very happy with our new furnace and heat pump. We highly recommend AirPros for anyone considering a new furnace and /or heat pump.

Installed a new furnace and removed my old furnace.The blower motor quit during warranty. They replaced it at no cost.

They were in the middle of the pack as far as price. They found design problems in my old air return system. They included a fix in a fixed price bid and started on time and finished on time. It is easy being a customer of theirs.

My experience with this company was excellent! I called regarding an issue I was having with my AC unit.

My experience with this company was excellent! I called regarding an issue I was having with my AC unit. I explained the situation and the person who answered the phone (super nice guy) offered to walk me through how to fix the problem. He offered to come out and help me if I wasn’t able to resolve the problem on my own. All other companies were at least a week out for service. He said he would fit me in for a service call the following day. Amazing customer service! This is my new go to company for Heating and AC issues.

replaced furnance exhaust in attic and out thru the roof and a new cap, and also added gas line from existing to kitchen.

They came on time and preformed an excellent job, and was knowledgeable and easy to talk to and completed both jobs in 4 hours!

Repair of gas furnace. Replacement of broken igniter.

My gas furnace was not working, so I called AirPros after reading their reviews on Angies List. I made an appointment for the next day. The technician called about a half-hour before his arrival to confirm the appointment. He quickly diagnosed a broken igniter and replaced it with one he had on the truck. I was only charged the inital visit charge and the cost of the part. I felt the visit was handled professionally and that the cost was fair. I will call them in the future and have already recommended them to a coworker.

Thermostate would not turn on furnace, or hold temperature. Called for service on weekend, they offered to come right out , but offered the information that a service call would be less expense on a week day, so I set the service call for Monday.

Tecknition showed up on time did a normal service and cleaning on the furnace and it started to work fine with no expense or need for a new Thermostate. Will have them back annually for the annual Check Up. The Tec guy was great and honest.

I called Mark to have him come look at the furnace in our new home because I couldn’t get it to turn on. While we were on the phone he walked me through a couple of steps on the thermostat and the thing turned on. I appreciated that he took the time to investigate all possible “human-fail” avenues before coming out. Saved me the cost of a service call.

Much appreciated.

He did some HVAC work for me. Even though he pointed out the part that was a problem and making the noise in my HVAC unit, he told me what it would cost, but he didn’t push the new part and I was able to fix it myself.

Overall it was a good experience. They were very prompt; they were able to quickly pin point the problem. He identified the problem, and showed me the different options I had to fix it.


Went like he planned it to….. P E R F E C T! I will always use him and I am 100% sure of that!

Installation of new furnace, including one new header duct, one new exhaust vent and new condensate removal piping. Removal of old furnace.

Mark was fantastic. He responded to our call on a weekend and came first thing Monday morning to check out our need for a new furnace – the existing one was 40 years old and had died just days before a predicted cold spell in the Seattle area. Mark’s estimate was over $1000 lower than the second one, and for a better furnace. We got a very high efficiency system, with variable heat and fan. It required a separate exhaust line, which Mark was able to run up an existing chimney to avoid going through the roof; it also required a new line to pump away condensate, which was fabricated and installed in a very professional manner. The custom-built header allowed the use of our old ducting above – Mark’s crew fabricated it on-site. They asked for room in the garage to set up a worksite, and they fabricated the sheet metal duct right there. We are very, very happy with the service we received from Mark, and love our new furnace. It was installed in one day, just before we got single digit temperatures and snow. Whew! Very knowledgeable and very professional. He seems quite laid back when you meet him, but he cranked out the job and did fabulous work.

I used AirPros Energy for replacing a furnace a month ago.

I loved them. They charged me what the estimate was. The guy was on time and did the work. His bid was the second cheapest bid I got; I had received nine estimates. I think the company was good. They didn?t charge me extra; they stuck to the estimate. I will consider using them again in the future.

They replaced my old electric furnace with a new high efficient lennox heat pump

mark came out in the evening after I got off of work and was able to explain the different types of heat pump systems and what would work best in my home. He was very honest and didnt seem pushy at all. He gave me a reasonable price on a 15 seer lennox heat pump. They were able to install it the following week, the guys showed up on time. They were very professional and seemed to have alot of knowledge about the equipment. The work looked very nice and they walked me through everything step by step throughout the day and at the end explained to me how it all worked and the best way to use it. I am completely satisfied with my new heat pump. The guys at Airpros Energy were great to work with and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Installed 95% energy furnace. Removed and recycled old furnace, install new venting as required.

I had quotes from 5 different compaines, Brennen, Greenwood, Lennox… Mark is the real deal, he knows his stuff, is able to explain it to you, he’s worked for the big name guys, he even ran training classes for them! The others sent salesmen to quote their work, I felt like I was being worked over and their prices where well above Mark’s. Mark looked at my non-functioning furnace that could have been replaced on my home warranty. I wanted to upgrade to a 95% one, Mark was able to tell me what had gone wrong with my furnace, and where it would actually be a good idea to upgrade for my home size and layout. I feel that he is honest and knows his stuff and is not trying to up sell you. He told me that the multi-speed fan furnace would not be appropriate for my home and that it would not be worth the extra expense. New furnace arrive on time and installed same day, old furnace removal and disposal (recycle) included in price. New duct work and piping installed as required to high effeciency furnace. I left them along in my garage as I had to go to work, the job was completed when I got back and the place was clean! I bought permit separately, and of course passed. Permit inspector spent less than 5 minutes! Mark does the work himself with collegues, all professional, speak english and know what they are doing. Top notch job. Best price around! On time and within budget, responsive Mark ensures all your questions are answered and answers his phone when you call.

Gas Log Service

Furnace cleaned and maintenance of fireplace

David Miller was great. While cleaning the furnace, he found a potential problem with the bearings. He recognized the problem and gave me an estimate on future work needed. David did not push me to buy, but will in the near future. He took the entire fireplace apart and found a replacement in his truck. David did an excellent job and he was very courteous.

Services Performed
Gas Log Service Hvac

Fireplace Repair Service

Gas fireplace fan.

They did a great job. The only thing was they didn’t contact us back within the time they mentioned. They had to get us a part and said they would call back in a week. We called them back in 2 weeks and they said they would call us back within a week (which they did). Everything else they fixed was done just right.

Services Performed
Fireplace Repair Hvac