I had quotes from 5 different compaines, Brennen, Greenwood, Lennox… Mark is the real deal, he knows his stuff, is able to explain it to you, he’s worked for the big name guys, he even ran training classes for them! The others sent salesmen to quote their work, I felt like I was being worked over and their prices where well above Mark’s. Mark looked at my non-functioning furnace that could have been replaced on my home warranty. I wanted to upgrade to a 95% one, Mark was able to tell me what had gone wrong with my furnace, and where it would actually be a good idea to upgrade for my home size and layout. I feel that he is honest and knows his stuff and is not trying to up sell you. He told me that the multi-speed fan furnace would not be appropriate for my home and that it would not be worth the extra expense. New furnace arrive on time and installed same day, old furnace removal and disposal (recycle) included in price. New duct work and piping installed as required to high effeciency furnace. I left them along in my garage as I had to go to work, the job was completed when I got back and the place was clean! I bought permit separately, and of course passed. Permit inspector spent less than 5 minutes! Mark does the work himself with collegues, all professional, speak english and know what they are doing. Top notch job. Best price around! On time and within budget, responsive Mark ensures all your questions are answered and answers his phone when you call.